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Pump House Co.

Wholesale Pack : Foamers : Antique Pewter & White Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser Pump Lids

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Low Wholesale Pricing. Same stylish, fun to use, mason jar foaming soap dispensers lids. Add value and variety to your mason jar crafts.

Our antique pewter & white foamers quickly convert mason jars into rustic, characterful, yet practical foaming soap dispensers. These lids have a rustic, aged, almost textured appearance that pairs beautifully with a mason jar.   Each lid comes with an antique pewter one piece metal lid and a white plastic foamer pump. The tubes are 4” long and will reach to the bottom of a pint size (16 oz.) or smaller mason jar.  These lids fit regular, not wide mouth, mason jars.

Did you know?  Any liquid soap can be used as foaming soap after it’s been diluted.  A good rule of thumb is to fill your soap dispenser with 20% liquid soap, 60% water and leave the remaining 20% empty.  It’s best to leave airspace so that the foamer can do its job properly.  Some liquid soaps are thicker to start with than others so you may have to add more or less water.  Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Not sure if you have a regular or wide mouth jar? Just measure across the top rim of the jar (not the lid).  If your jar measures roughly 2 ½ inches at the top you have a regular jar.  If your jar measures roughly 3 ¼ inches you have a wide mouth jar.

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Pump House Co. foamer lids come fully assembled and ready to go!

Will Pump House lids rust? Our lids are coated on the top and most of them are also coated on the underside (the weathered bronze and antique pewter lids are not coated on the underside).  These coatings will help to prevent rust as water drips on top of the lid.  However, we do drill through these coatings when we cut the hole for the pump.  The possibility of rust in this area of the lid does exist. If rust occurs along the top rim of the hole it shouldn't be visible from the top because the pump covers the hole.  Depending on what you have in your jars it may or may not cause rust around the hole on the underside. If you are worried about rust becoming an issue on the underside of the lid, you can add a dab of bathtub caulk around the hole before using. Humid climates will cause rust to occur faster.

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