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12 Pack : Silver & White

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Mason jars come 12 to a case so why not buy a case of Pump House lids?  Each pack contains 12 dispenser lids that will instantly turn any brand of mason jar into a soap dispenser.  Make quick work of that case of jars and before you know it you will have a case of soap/lotion dispensers!

Light and airy and shining with simplicity best describes our silver & white combination.  A silver metal lid with a white plastic pump stays true to the iconic mason jar. The tubes are 5" in length and will reach to the bottom of a pint (16 oz.) size jar. If you are using a half pint (8 oz.) jar simply snip off the end with scissors to fit.  These lids fit regular, not wide mouth, mason jars.

Not sure if you have a regular or wide mouth mason jar? Just measure across the top rim of the jar - not the lid.  If your jar measures roughly 2 ½ inches at the top you have a regular jar.  If your jar measures roughly 3 ¼ inches you have a wide mouth jar.

 Will the tubes on these lids reach to the bottom of your jar?  These lids are perfect for pint size jars and smaller.  A pint size jar measures about 5 inches from top to bottom.  If your jar is taller than 5 inches you will need a quart size lid.   Not all our pump/lid combinations come with a quart size option.

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 All Pump House lids come fully assembled and ready to go!

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