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Gold High Heat Mason Jar Canning Lids. Perfect for Water Bath and Pressure Canning

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These lids are high heat, gold, one piece, plastisol lined canning lids with a safety button.  They are perfect for water bath and/or pressure canning - they can take the heat! They provide a secure, tight, leak proof seal. They can be washed and used over and over for everyday use.  If used in canning these lids should not be used in canning again.

May have scratches or other cosmetic defects.

These lids fit regular mouth mason jars not wide mouth mason jars.  Not sure if you have a regular or wide mouth mason jar? Just measure across the top rim of the jar (not the lid).  If your jar measures roughly 2 ½ inches at the top you have a regular jar.  If  your jar measures roughly 3 ¼ inches you have a wide mouth jar.

Made in the USA.