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FAQs - Will these mason jar soap dispenser lids rust?

Do you offer discount codes?   We are appreciative of every customer and every order we receive (which is why we offer free shipping on every order).   In addition to free shipping, we offer a 10% off discount with purchases over $40.00.  The code for this offer is "Thankyou".  This is the only discount code we offer.  Rather than send our customers searching high and low every time they want to place an order we've made it simple.  This is the only discount we offer - it is open to everyone - it doesn't expire - it doesn't change - simple.

Is shipping on every item free?  Yes.  It's our way of letting our customers know that we appreciate them and that we offer value for money. 

Where do you ship?  We ship anywhere within the United States for free.  We also ship to Canada (international shipping rates apply).

What size lid do I need?  There are only two size lids when using a mason jar. These are "regular" and "wide mouth".  That's it - any mason jar lid will fall into one of those two categories.  To determine which size you need just measure across the top rim of the jar (not the lid).  If your jar measures roughly 2 ½ inches at the top you have a regular jar.  If your jar measures roughly 3 ¼ inches you have a wide mouth jar.

While lids come in only 2 sizes, the jars come in several sizes.  When ordering, you want to be sure that the tube on the dispenser will actually reach to the bottom of your jar.  Any jar measuring 5" or shorter (from top to bottom) will take a standard Pump House lid.  Any jar that is taller than 5" in height will need one of our quart size lids.  Most of our jars are standard size.  The quart size lids are clearly marked, "Quart Size".

Will Pump House lids rust? Our lids are coated on the top and most of them are also coated on the underside ( the weathered bronze lids are not coated on the underside).  These coatings will help to prevent rust as water drips on top of the lid.  However, we do drill through these coatings when we cut the hole for the pump.  The possibility of rust in this area of the lid does exist. If rust occurs along the rim of the hole it shouldn't be visible from the top because the pump covers the hole.  Depending on what you have in your jars it may or may not cause rust around the hole on the underside. If you are worried about rust becoming an issue on the underside of the lid, you can add a dab of bathtub caulk around the hole before you use them.  

What qualifications do I need to place a wholesale order?  We want to make it easy for you to carry Pump House lids in your store or to add them to your crafts.  Anyone is welcome to place a wholesale order.  Give a quick read through the blurb on our "Wholesale" page and you are on your way.

I want to order in bulk but I would like a variety of lid colors rather than a single lid combination.  Is it possible to mix and match?  Yes.  We would encourage this! You know your customers and your branding better than we do so if you want 10 of this color and 15 of that just email us before you place an order.  Tell us what you want and we will attach that to your order to insure that you get exactly what you want.

I want a specific lid/pump color combination that I don't see on your web site.  Can you make me a custom lid?  We'd love that!  Some of the current combinations that you see on our website came from customer requests.  All our inventory is posted on the web - all our pumps and all our lids.  But if you see "this" pump and want it with "that" lid send us an email and we'll see if we can do it. We can make up one, take a picture of it, send the picture to you and if you like it you can go ahead with an order.  If you don't like it you are under no commitment to buy.  You are only committed after an order is placed and paid for. We encourage creativity!

 Are your lids safe for food use?  No. Our pumps are cosmetic grade not food grade.